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Staci Bias

"I’ve worked with Stacie and her team for several years, they continue to provide excellent service. On a recent property, I inquired about a photo/video special. She told me the property was too large for the number of photos offered and would require additional photos. I appreciated her telling me upfront rather than afterwards. Always a class act. "

Nick Cardenas

"I have been using Stacie and her team for about 5 years now on every single one of my listings...the professional photography that they provide ensures that my listings will stand out and capture buyers’ eyes. Their quick turn around times and multiple package options helps keep my clients happy and always in awe of how their homes are marketed across the Internet and social media. I will continue to use Stacie and her team for all of my real estate photography needs! "

Andrew Haskins

I’m a listing agent and I make sure to have Stacie come out to every property! Even my broker uses her services! Stacie’s turn time on pictures is about 24 hours, so once she goes out to the location to take pictures you have the  pictures ready to view next day! 

Everything is ready for MLS upload and the best part is you have the option to market your pictures with our own website that she provides! 

You get access to options to send a link to your clientele and “dress up” your listing via YouTube, flyers, Facebook, etc. Stacie is my “suit and tie”! She makes my listings look professional and contemporary. No other photographer  gives you the option to have an up and running website to edit and access for your clients to view your listing via website. And pricing is more than reasonable. Stacie’s the reason I’ve sold so many homes this year. Once I found her, I found more traffic  at my Open Houses and more inquires about seeing my listings. Our first impression as listing agents is the pictures our clients see on Zillow, Redfin and MLS. Stacie is our first impression and her pictures have not failed me yet! 

Donna Nazir

"Stacie is the beat Professional Real Estate Photographer in today’s Real Estate Industry hands down. Her wok is clean, sharp, her turn around is fast and she never disappoints. My clients compliment her work often, she has an impeccable eye for details  and angles and her work has been featured on the hottest magazine covers in today’s industry.  She makes it look easy and makes me look great every time. Thank you to Stacie and her amazing team of professionals. "

Mark Turner

Excellent Photography for my listings. They come quickly they show up on time. The pictures are given to me within a day. And the work is Excellent. Most of all the price is very affordable in a tight commission market.

Marisela Labastida

"Stacie is professional and provides quality photos for all my listings.  Her pricing is reasonable, and she provides convenient payment options.   My clients are very pleased with her photographs."

The McGhee Team

 "To be successful in marketing a listing, a real estate agent has to hire a professional photographer to take photos of the home. That's why we hire The Real Estate Photography Group.

Stacie has the attributes of a great photographer and professionalism. She is passionate about her craft. Her photos are amazing! When we upload the photos on the MLS & You Tube, our phone starts ringing for home showings and buyer inquiries. We always sell our listings within the first week, generate multiple offers and we usually sell the home above list price. So I highly recommend Stacie and The Real Estate Photography Group for your next professional photography of your listings! "

Austin with LyonStahl El Segundo

“Stacie and her team are fantastic at what they do! They are easy to schedule and show up on time and ready to get in out out of the property. They have made my job of marketing that much easier as they deliver a very consistent and professional product every time. I would highly recommend their services! “

Adrian Hernandez

"One of the best investments you can make in marketing your listings is having professional photography. The Real Estate Photography Group photographers are the best in the business! They have helped our listings receive twice as many showing and has lowered our average days on market by over 40% within the last year of working with them. Our sellers are always delighted to meet the photographers and could never believe how phenomenal the photos of their home turn out. They are consistently full of energy and just a blast to be around. Thank you, we truly appreciate you."

Cindy Williams Hazard

"I was so thrilled with the photos done by The Real Estate Photography Group and so was my client! I firmly believe that this was a huge reason the eventual buyer first fell in love and came to the property. The multiple offers on this listing all mentioned having seen the sharp photos and I even received a call from an out of area agent asking to use them for a flyer he was developing since they were so compelling. Since using The Real Estate Photography Group I've recommended them to a coworker who is also pleased and I'll be using them again very soon! I love the quick turnaround as well as the details like placing fire in the fireplace and the clear windows with blue skies and no reflections. When I see other non-professional photos, they just don't compare!" 

Nellie Martin

"I ordered a photo shoot for the Condo I had listed at 737 Mansfield and you had told me that it was on Josh's schedule. I had explained how the condo was dark and full of furniture. I had told the homeowner the photographer would be Josh.  So yesterday when Anthony showed up and with  Noel who he was training, I was thinking oh no. Ok so the sellers  did not remember the name I had given them before so that was good and they asked why are they both taking photos. I just told them yes we are trying to get the best photos. Just wanted to let you know the photos were awesome. I can't believe how bright they came out.  YOUR TEAM IS AWESOME!!! Please let ANTHONY AND NOEL Know that I really appreciate the job they did."

Thank you so much. "

Joan Patterson

"I have used Stacie for all my homes to make my listings attract buyers at a quicker rate than just posting my own pictures.  I have taken my own pictures before and boy they just do not do the house  or my sellers justice.  Sure they are okay pictures, but if you want your home to show it's best, you need to call Stacie.  She really puts together the best pictures and showcases the home so well that it makes people want to come see the home.  She really knows how to showcase a home with her skills.  My sellers are always impressed.  My last seller said she could not believe her house could look so wonderful and almost wanted to stay at her house!  Stacie also is very funny and great to work with.  My sellers always love her because she puts them at ease.  She will always be a part of my team as she is the best in the business for what she does."

Sheri Jones and Associates

"How important is having a Stellar, Professional Photographer and Marketing Program for my business?  It's Everything! This is why I have partnered with Stacie Baragiola with Tour Factory for ALL of my Listing! My Luxury, Single Family and Town Home Sellers receive the same Amazing services from Stacie.  Her beautiful photography and featured virtual tours have brought an incredible amount of instant exposure, from the minute my listings syndicate through the Tour Factory Marketing system.  My newly listed property received 24,000 views within 2 days, multiple showing requests and multiple offers in less than a week! My Sellers enjoy working with Stacie, as she makes them feel a part of the successful experience of selling their home. It's always fun to see their reactions to the finished tour, as they are amazed at the beautiful results!  Thank you Stacie, for everything you do for my clients!"

Kim Sellers

"I have been using Stacie for a few years now to promote my listings.  Before Stacie, my listings would sell but not at the speed that they currently sell.   Stacie goes above and beyond on each home, by making the home come to life and show the best attributes of each home.  A visual presentation from Stacie completely knocks out the competition and amazes my clients.  I get hired on my skills and experience and getting the job done.  Stacie is the best in photography/video.  Why would you not want the best on your team?  I know Stacie is a part of my team and has true excellence. "

Randy and Lisa Charlton

"Successfully marketing a home in today's internet world all starts with the pictures. Buyer's make a decision to see, or not see, a property largely in part to how a property shows on the internet. As an agent I need to make sure my seller's property "stand-outs" among the other listings in an area. That's where Stacie comes in. She has mastered the art of shooting pictures of homes. From the angles, to the lighting, to the picture selection. She knows her craft very well and it shows in the product she provides. The greatest compliment we can give about the work Stacie does comes from our clients. Everyone has truly been shocked and amazed at the quality and professional look of the pictures we use to market their homes. That's 100% a direct result of using Stacie on each and every one of our listings. We highly recommend Stacie to anyone looking to truly market your listings the right way"

Annette Fraley

"The quality of Your photography is amazing, and makes such a difference on all my listings no matter the price point. Your customer service is outstanding always quick to respond with an appt. time &  accommodating to the sellers. You guys are the best! "

Evelyn Banks

"A picture is worth a thousand words they say, but using Stacie as your Go-To Professional Photographer is priceless.
Her dedication, experience and know-how is always evident in her final product!  Why do I use Stacie - because I deserve the best and so do you !  I have been a client of Stacie for over a year now and she never disappoints !  I'm proud to call her and The Real Estate Photography Group an integral part of my team!"

Lisa DiNoto

When my clients hire me to sell their home I take this very serious. Each of my clients deserves the very best, Stacie Baragiola with The Real Estate Photography Group is the very best photographer. Not only does she have the skills needed to take beautiful pictures, she cares about making the pictures look amazing. When you hire Staci to take your pictures you can relax knowing the lighting and everything will be perfect. I also love the tools that come with The Real Estate Photography Groups photoshoot order, they are very user-friendly.
Stacie absolutely is a critical part of my team and I appreciate everything you do to make my clients homes look the best possible.

Grace Hudson

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the incredible work you do for me and my clients.  I truly believe it is because of your work that I get 90% of the listing appointments I go on.  You are a big part of my listing presentation.  When I show my potential clients your work it pretty much cinches the listing agreement for me.  I will only use your services and you as my photographer because of your incredible work and because we are a great team together.  You always go above and beyond to accommodate me and my clients which can be demanding at times.  We have been working together for 8+ years now and I look forward to working with you for the rest of our very successful careers.  The common comments I get from my clients is that you make their home look so good they want to buy their own home.  Yet at the same time when a Buyer comes to view the home, they feel the home looks like it did in the photos.  I believe this is why my listings sell quicker than most any other agents"

Jamie Blundell-Hennessey

"I do not have enough words to describe how amazing Stacie's photography services are!  I recently started using her and I did not know what to expect.  When I had her shoot my listing and I received the pictures, I passed them onto my Seller.  My seller said she had tears in her eyes when she looked at the pictures as she could not believe how beautiful Stacie made her home look in photographs.  My seller and I both commented that she paid so much attention to lighting, coloring and even the small intrigue details such as making the fireplace appear and have a live fire going in it. We had so many showings and so many prospective buyers show up at our open house that we ended up with multiple offers and got $10,000 over asking price on their home and were under contract days after placing the property on the market.. 

My next listing I had Stacie shoot was just as spectacular.  She really made the architecture of the home stand out  in her photos and made this home look so beautiful and appealing.  My Sellers were thrilled!  Stacie had complimented my Sellers on how well kept the home was and her statement to them was "you better start packing".  We had so many showings from prospective buyers and they came because of the pictures they saw online.  We ended up with multiple offers and getting $20,000 over asking price on their home and were under contract days after placing the property on the market.

I am so amazed at Stacie's work and truly how it has changed my business completely.  I will ALWAYS use Stacie to photograph my listings without a doubt!  I can see that this is her passion and it shows in every photograph she shoots and her skill in paying attention to every detail to make the home look its very best!  I am so blessed to have Stacie part of my team!  I would highly recommend her to any real estate professional wanting to take their business to the next level and stand apart from others!  Stacie is outstanding!"

Dana & Simeon Prophet

"Stacie showcases our listings in their best Possibly light. She is always professional, timely and friendly with our clients. As professionals we love having the power of Stacie and The Real Estate Photography Group as a listing tool!"

Myiesha Majors

Stacie is THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I love working with you! You are professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. I can honestly say, that your photography has helped me sell my listings quickly, and over asking. You are my ace whenever I have a potential client asking what makes me different, and why I stand out above other agents. I always pull out my Tour Factory listing photos as examples of what will make their home sell for top dollar, quickly. My clients love the way their home looks when you photograph them too. They are so impressed, and immediately get homesick at times. I laugh because no matter what other homes I show them that you've shot, when they see their own, they fall in love all over again. I will only use you to photograph my listings. No one else compares! You make my job easy whenever I am on a listing appointment.  I appreciate you, and look forward to working with you on many more in 2016. Let's do it!

Robert & Tracy

 "The Real Estate Photography Group  is one of the best investments we have made in our real estate career! The presentation looks like we spent hundreds of dollar & will impress all of your clients. We listed over $10 million in inventory since joining 3 months ago & know we would not have been as successful without The Real Estate Photography Group. No other investment will lead to this much exposure!"

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